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Don’t let the name fool you, at Toyo Parts Only we offer recycled parts for both Lexus and Toyota brands at a fair price.

Whether you’re looking for parts for a Toyota Land Cruiser or a Lexus GX, a Toyota Avalon or Lexus ES, we have quality recycled parts. Both brands from the Toyota Motor Company are crafted with quality and reliability in mind.

When it comes to parts for your vehicle and a mind for sustainability, recycled parts make sense for your pocketbook and the environment. Yes, cost and environment are two advantages but there are more including OEM Standards and time. Buying recycled parts saves you and your mechanic time from searching and ordering for parts online. As Tania describes “My goal was to find a replacement rim for my 98 Toyota Celica...not an easy task to find a rim without having to order online and WAIT for 2-5 days.” Yes, we had her part.

What are people saying?

Touch screens, key fobs, roof racks. You name it. We’ve been helping our customers in the Los Angeles area with Lexus and Toyota parts. Recycled, Refurbished. Reliable.

"“It was available on Ebay for one dollar less, but the one Toyo Parts Only had was in better condition.” Mark P


“Nice people, great service, great prices. If you need Toyota parts and you're open to getting used parts, this is your place. You'll find much better prices here than anything you'd be quoted at a dealer. I had a great experience here this week when my 2007 Prius touch screen stopped working (with only 30,000 miles on my car). They sold me a used touchscreen and installed it for about 1/4 what I would have paid at the dealer. They worked fast and had me check to be sure I was happy with the installation.” Mark L


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