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Recycled Parts

Are Hybrid Parts Available From a Junkyard?

Are Hybrid Parts Available From a Junkyard? In short. Yes. We happen to have Prius parts in stock now. Call today.

With the rising popularity of hybrid cars, many people wonder if hybrid parts are available in a junkyard. Yes, you can find hybrid parts for reuse and recycle. Toyota: Setting the Standard with Hybrid Vehicles Since 1997, Toyota has set the standard for what a mass-produced hybrid car should be with its Prius line, much…

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What parts of a car can be recycled?

Are you wondering which car parts are recycled and which are reused? The short answer is most of the vehicle is reused or recycled.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’re all accustomed to this saying. You want to restore your Lexus or Toyota and may wonder what parts of a car can be recycled. In this industry, we recycle even oil filters and windshields. Salvage yards, junk yards, and scrap metal dealers all have their turn recycling totaled cars. When a…

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How to Find Replacement Car Parts at a Junkyard

Toyota Parts Only is a recycled parts dealer, or a junkyard, located here in North Hollywood. We want to help you find a replacement car part for that 1974 classic. How do you start?

Saturday morning. The sound of a good socket wrench. Tunes playing on the garage radio. Sliding under your car and wiping sweat off your brow. This is what reminds us of small town America — weekends with our dads — fixing our cars — the ultimate sign of freedom. So, now that you’re working on…

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