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Are you wondering which car parts are recycled and which are reused? The short answer is most of the vehicle is reused or recycled.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. We’re all accustomed to this saying. You want to restore your Lexus or Toyota and may wonder what parts of a car can be recycled. In this industry, we recycle even oil filters and windshields.

Salvage yards, junk yards, and scrap metal dealers all have their turn recycling totaled cars. When a vehicle has reached the end of its life, it’s systematically dismantled. We restore all the parts we can ad recycle the rest, according to it’s nature.

“Gasoline, engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, and coolant are all relatively easy to check, top off or replace. They are, however, hazardous to the environment, and must be drained from the vehicle before it can be dismantled.” Alex Jefferson

Purchase Recycled and Reconditioned Parts

Of course, you can purchase recycled and reconditioned parts for your used Toyota or Lexus. Many people think of engines as the number one recycled part on a car. It’s true. Because of that, the cherry picker days are not over yet. With the rise in restoration for car enthusiasts, it helps to know we can rebuild and restore an original engine ourselves.

“Replacing your car’s engine? There’s a chance the old one has some life in it yet. Many mechanics rebuild damaged engines, offering a greener, low-cost solution to an expensive problem.” Mother Nature Network

Surprisingly, you can reuse radiators and even spark plugs. This is a good way to save the environment and your wallet. Body parts like doors and bumpers are reused just like most parts on a vehicle. Similarly, airbags, air conditioning parts, and cruise control controllers are routinely in our inventory — which you may conveniently search.

“Whilst some parts will have been specially made for specific models, other parts like radiators, spark plugs and catalytic converters are extremely valuable in a manufacturing sense, making such working parts influential when it comes to receiving a price for your scrap car.” Phil Warrington

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